small beginnings ...great wine
  • Found a Great Location Found a Great Location David & Zach found the perfect location for Sugar Creek Winery
  • Get a Better Look! Get a Better Look! Panoramic view of Sugar Creek Winery's future home...
  • Grape Selection is Key Grape Selection is Key We've got great soil and climate for growing grapes. So what varieties of grapes to choose?
  • Preparing the Fields Preparing the Fields Burned off the field and laid it out for planting.
  • Planting & Partying Planting & Partying Thanks to everyone who attended our field planting party! We worked hard and enjoyed a little vino...
  • Vines Are In the Ground & Growing! Vines Are In the Ground & Growing! The 'planting party' is starting to show results. Looks like we worked harder at planting than partying...
  • Great Wine in the Making Great Wine in the Making Can't wait to get a taste!
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from humble beginnings comes
a great little winery

How it all got started

A little dinner, a little wine, lots of laughter with good friends and the next thing you know... Sugar Creek Winery is more than just a random musing.

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What's happening now

We've been really busy! Working our brains with all of the decisions to be made...what varieties of grape vines to plant and how many. And working our bodies with hard labor burning and prepping the fields for planting the vines...

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Photo Journal

Check out our photo journal and see all the changes that are happening.

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Planting Begins!

Get all the details here or visit our gallery and take a photo tour of the event. .


Follow us as we start a winery from scratch!

Wine Tech

Don't think that wineries are high tech? Think again, there's a lot that goes into creating a great wine, from the right soil, choosing the right casks, keeping things at the right temperature, and creating flavors, all the way to the final product.

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Starting a Winery

So you think you want to start a winery? What comes next?

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Check out our photo journal and follow us on our journey as we build Sugar Creek Winery from the ground up!

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