It began with one of those half serious, half joking comments after dinner and several bottles of cabernet when someone says, “you know, one of these days we should….

Well, that night, with three families around that table, it was filled in with, “grow some grapes and start a winery”. In most instances, these ideas are quickly forgotten in the next morning’s bright sunshine of reality.

But this time is was different. There was land and equipment available. There was marketing and sales experience. And there was a desire. So what was lacking? Someone to actually make the wine. No problem. It’s only chemistry, right? And there was chemistry major at the table, too. We’re good to go!

The land, aka the Cain Family Farm, was actually founded in  Northwest Montgomery County, Indiana as a dairy farm. Over many years the dairy evolved into a successful corn and soybean enterprise. The family farm is managed today by Terry Cain along with Brother Kenny. But Terry’s three sons, Jess, Zach and Seth are now taking over the day-to-day operations.

In August 2009, Zach married Marie Phillips. At the table that historic night was Marie and Zach, Marie’s folks, Sherry and David, along with Terry and his wife Amy.

Now its Zach and David who have taken the idea and begun working towards the fulfillment of the plans that were on the back of a napkin that night.