Our Story

It began with one of those half serious, half joking comments after dinner and several bottles of Cabernet when someone says, “you know, one of these days we should…

“Well, that night, with three families around that table, it was filled in with, “grow some grapes and start a winery”. In most instances, these ideas are quickly forgotten in the next morning’s bright sunshine of reality”.

But this time is was different. There was land and equipment available. There was farming experience represented along with marketing and sales experience. And there was a desire. So what was lacking? Someone to actually make the wine. No problem. It’s only chemistry, right? And there was chemistry major at the table, too. We’re good to go!

The land, aka the Cain Family Farm, was actually founded in Northwest Montgomery County, Indiana as a dairy farm. Over many years the dairy evolved into a successful corn and soybean enterprise. The family farm is managed today by Zach Cain along with his brothers, Jess and Seth and cousins Adam and Josh. In August 2009, Zach married Marie Phillips. At the table that historic night was Marie and Zach, Marie’s folks, Sherry and David, along with Zach’s dad Terry and his wife Amy. Now its Zach and David who have taken the idea and planted the vineyard in 2012 and continue working towards the fulfillment of the plans that were on the back of a napkin that night.

Company Leadership

David Phillips


Zach Cain

Chief Agriculture Officer

Our Vision

Work hard, play hard and build the best winery in Indiana.

We aim to capture the passion that we have for life and place it into each and every wine developed at Sugar Creek Winery.

Discover Indiana wines

Including dry wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as well as Indiana-grown semi-sweet wines such as Chambourcin, Marquette and Traminette.

Company History


Our Best Year Yet!

2016 was a very busy year and a very good year. The winter of 2015-16 was normal for both temperature and precipitation which was a welcome change from the “polar vortex”. The 2016 Sugar Creek Vineyard harvest produced 11,212 pounds of our three varietals which yielded 1,228 gallons of must and 868 gallons of juice post press. We also bottled the 2015 Estate Grown Marquette and Chambourcin along with the Lodi, CA Old Vine Zinfandel. All three of these were entered into the Amateur competition at the 2016 Indy International Wine Competition which was held at Purdue University on August 3-5. The Zinfandel won Gold, Marquette-Silver and Chambourcin-Bronze.


Of Arctic Blasts, Bud Breaks, Re-tubing & Re-growth

As we went into the 2013-14 winter season, we found out just how much weather and luck play into a thriving and successful vineyard. We survived the arctic blasts that repeatedly put us in sub-zero temps courtesy of the Great Polar Vortex of 2014. We had some losses, but all things considered we fared better than most and for that we are very thankful. Now that we are on the flip side things are moving forward again. We’ve learned some great lessons along the way and are rebounding nicely…


A Busy Year!

In between prepping and planting the fields, and celebrating a job well done, we managed to find time to win a couple of awards. So 2012 was a great year here at SCW. After a rigorous selection process for taste, aromatics and hardiness of grapes, our specially selected vines arrive at the winery and planting begins!


Now the Fun Begins…

Breaking ground on Sugar Creek Winery.


More Than Just a Random Musing.

A little dinner, a little wine, lots of laughter with good friends and the next thing you know… Sugar Creek Winery becomes reality.